Straw for Dogs Alaska Straw for Dogs
Straw For Dogs is a 501 c3 non profit organization located in Anchorage, Alaska that helps outdoor pets stay warm and educates the community on how to do just that. As animal lovers, Dream True Media was more than a little inspired and excited to redesign their website in late 2016 when they reached out to us. Even though they're a small organization, SFD needed a robust site to tell their story and the stories of the dogs (and their humans) they've helped. We added a prominent Donate button, big gorgeous images of the dogs and plenty of keyword-rich content on the homepage to help them get found online. One of our favorite projects yet!
Straw for Dogs website
Studio One Spokane Studio One Salon
Showcasing a large salon in Spokane, Washington, this website was designed and created in Wordpress. It is completely responsive to mobile and tablet screen sizes. It features a fully expandable Wordpress theme that will grow with them.
Studio One Salon website
Skishoeing Skishoeing Blog
This blog was commissioned by the owners of Altai Skis as an additional space on the web to post images and stories about skishoeing around the world. A clean layout was a must so as not to detract from the images, videos and content being displayed. The blog was built in Wordpress and features a slick image and video gallery, as well as the ability for various authors around the world to update the site anytime they choose.
Skishoeing.com website
Tiffanys Resort, Republic, Washington Tiffanys Resort
Working with the owners of Tiffanys Resort on Curlew Lake, we re-designed their website with an updated look and feel and easy-to-use Wordpress interface. We wanted to focus more on the beauty of the area in which this resort is located, using updated images of the cabins and emphasizing all that there is to do in and around the area.
Tiffanys Resort's website
The Journey Girl The Journey Girl
This fun-loving blog was a fun project to create with a friend who is living overseas and has so much to share. We designed the logo and layout with feedback from the client, while trying to keep this Wordpress-based website easy to navigate and really clean.
The Journey Girl's website
MIP Attorney Seattle MIP Attorney Seattle This robust website was built for an attorney local to our area and expanding into the Seattle area. The intention was to focus on search engine optimization while keeping the site really easy to navigate with a clear call-to-action on every page. The site was built in Wordpress and features a custom design that looks great on a desktop machine, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
MIP Attorney Seattle's website
City of Republic, Washington City of Republic, Washington
This was a redesign of the previous City of Republic's website in which I worked with members of the city council to design a user-friendly and tourism-focused website that met the needs of both the local residents and newcomers. An events calendar, weather app, continuously updated blog and beautiful images of the area combine with an easy-to-update Wordpress framework, making this an ideal website for ongoing promotions of the area. Dream True Media is managing this website as well as the city's new Facebook page to encourage locals and visitors to explore everything Republic has to offer.
Republic, Washington's website
Ferry County PUD Ferry County PUD - Republic, WA
This robust and content-rich website was built in Wordpress and designed to allow the client to update the website themselves. The clean, open layout and strong navigation lends itself to a user-friendly website that is multi-functional.
Ferry County PUD's website
Grasshopper Festival Grasshopper Festival - Republic, WA
This was a really fun logo design and web development project to do for the 2015 Grasshopper Festival organization in Republic, Washington. The website evolved as the festival was being planned, from a simple 3 page site to a more robust site with a signup form for the parade and a donation option. The site will continue to grow into 2016.
Grasshopper Festival website
Altai Skis Altai Skis - Curlew, WA
This multilingual website was created in Wordpress for Altai Skis, a small-scale ski manufacturer in northeastern Washington. Featuring two stores, one for Canadian customers and one for US customers, this website features an image magnifier for each product and convenience checkout with either PayPal or a conventional payment gateway. Altaiskis.com also features a blog, a newsletter signup, contact form and custom layout and design.
Altai Skis' website
Di-Namic Fitness Di-Namic Fitness - Olympia, WA Diane Mark has create a labor of love with her personal training at Di-Namic Fitness, so Dream True wanted to make sure that everything representing Diane's personal brand on her website was just right. From the photo shoot to the logo to the testimonial videos, this project brought together a community of professionals and Dream True was lucky to be a part of it! The website was created in Wordpress to make it easy for Diane to udpate herself on the fly.
Di-Namic Fitness' website
Alaska World Affairs Council Alaska World Affairs Council This 501(c)3 works so hard to bring brilliant speakers and performers from around the world to Alaska. We wanted to make sure that their mission and their spirit came through in this new design. Their website features a clean layout and content-rich design as well as a custom membership form, an event manager system that allows them to sell tickets and track attendees online, a newsletter sign-up integrated with their e-mail marketing platform and much more. Update: we re-designed the website with even easier to use interface and updated look in November 2015.
Alaska World Affairs Council's website
Nearing Total Health website by Dream True Media web design Nearing Total Health
Using wordpress and a custom theme, this website implements a blog, email sign-up form, Schedulicity scheduling platform and custom CSS. Working closely with the owner & team members, we created keyword-rich content and a blog that will allow the business to gain traction online and with a large customer base. As the business grows, the site will be able to expand.
Nearing Total Health's website
Republic Brewing Company
Having worked with Republic Brewing for over 2 years since their inception, Dream True recently created a new site for RBC featuring a responsive layout and elegant, fun and modern design. The events page was also upgraded featuring video and online ticket sales. A photo shoot featuring their sodas and beers adds a really professional touch to the site as well. If you're in Republic, don't miss a stop at this award-winning brewery.
Republic Brewing Co website
RCPC Fairbanks
This nonprofit organization in Fairbanks, Alaska has multi-faceted needs. With several departments and a lot of crucial content to offer online, it was important to organize the site carefully while at the same time creating a sense of whimsy since they primarily focus on children and families.
RCPC website
Applewood Farm Studios
Applewood Farm Studios' website was a partnership of design by Cascadia Creative and development here at Dream True. Together we created a multi-functional website with an administration panel allowing the owners to update their own inventory, upload inventory photos, change inventory quantity and much more. Applewood Farm website
Kiddie Depot by Dream True Media Web Design Kiddie Depot
Kiddie Depot out of Sultan, Washington, was an incredibly fun design project for us. Like RCPC, this site was inspired by the need for a clean, easy to use website that had a playful twist. Note: The website is currently offline.